Choose Local Millwork

~ The Home Depot

~ Lowes

~ Sutherlands

~ Pro-Build

~ Bourget Design & Millwork

Chances are, you haven’t heard of the last company on this list. That’s because we’re small. We’re local. We’re family owned and operated. Honestly, we’d rather not spend the money and time mounting a huge advertising campaign, convincing you that we’re the best choice for all things woodwork. We’d love to be able to tell everyone that we can make better trim than Pro-Build, and we can usually make it for a better price. We’d love for everyone to know that they don’t have to go to The Home Depot to buy a kitchen–a kitchen that was made 10 thousand miles away with formaldehyde-soaked particle board. And we’d love for the entire Grand Valley to know that there are craftsmen, living here, whose work is excellent, and whose bread and butter is earned daily by virtue of their honest work.

We at Bourget Design & Millwork are encouraging you to shop local. Even if it means buying from one of our local competitors — like Timeless Millwork or Lincoln Cabinets (we’re friends with the owners of both companies, by the way)– please, whenever possible, buy your woodwork here in the Grand Valley, from companies whose owners and their families actually live here in the Grand Valley. It just makes for a healthier community.