Moulding for the Masses

Really nice houses are expensive, right? The ones you see in magazines like Home & Design, Architectural Digest, and Colorado Homes and Lifestyles. They’re all so out of reach–the typical American can’t have anything that gorgeous, right?

Wrong! Well, at least partly wrong. One of the most beautiful features of any home is also one of the most affordable: the moulding, or trim. Casing your doors and windows with an ornate profile, choosing a large-but-not-overwhelming base moulding, and picking a crown that highlights your walls and ceiling are three simple ways to make your home shine.

And how much does it cost? Well, for a Knotty Alder, 3″ case, you’re looking at about $1.33/foot. That’s a steal. If you want something more exotic like Rift-sawn White Oak or Mahogany, the price goes up, but not by much.

We’re firm believers in trimming every possible corner, window, and door in a home. It lends an elegance and timelessness, captures the essence of ages past. We think you’ll agree–just give it a shot! Call us at (970) 257-0092 and we’ll give you a quote for any and all moulding you may require. Our only condition is that you let your creative genius run wild.

So, while you may never own a home that’s featured between a Rolex and Mercedes ad in Architectural Digest, you can have a home that takes people’s breath away.